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Call4U Calling Card - Your Quality International Calling Card

The 'Call4U Calling Card' (http://www.call4u.co.nz) is a division of TNZ Group Ltd, a privately owned entity operating out of Auckland, New Zealand.
All Call4U calls are made using the standard telephone network (PSTN network) via our digital ISDN lines, providing the highest quality and most reliable service possible to our clients. As TNZ Group purchases millions of toll minutes from its supplier, we are able to provide a low call rate while retaining high quality calling cards.


No Hidden Costs - No Connection Fee - 24/7 Flat Rate
Some competing calling cards may appear to feature low calling rates but have extra hidden costs and/or connection fees. The Call4U Calling Card does not have any hidden costs, nor connection fees (surcharge applies on national access number). This, combined with our competitive 24/7 flat rates, delivers 100% accurate information that clients can trust and depend on.


Online Credit Card Payment System
Call4U utilizes a fully automated Online Credit Card Payment System. This means you can buy a Call4U Calling Card from our website, anywhere or anytime - 24/7. This results in abolishing those cold, midnight trips down to the shops to buy a new card. Just a few SIMPLE STEPS are required to buy a new calling card - saving any hassle.

Available purchase/recharge card values: $10, $20, $50 and $100.


- Click HERE to contact us for further information or any other enquiries.