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How to buy a new Call4U Calling Card

As the 'Call4U Calling Card' aims to provide the lowest calling rate possible, we are selling our calling cards via our website only, using online credit card services to reduce any unneccessary costs (e.g. retailer margin and printing physical cards).

We have developed a fully automated Online Credit Card Payment System, which generates a new calling card number immediately after payment completion, delivering it to you in an email. You can purchase and use our calling cards anytime, 24/7.


How to buy:
1. Sign up a new account from HERE
2. We will generate a temporary password and send it to you in an email
3. Login with your ID & temporary password
4. Go to the 'Change Password' section if you wish to change your password
5. Go to the [Purchase/Recharge] section and select [Purchase a new card] then click [Next] button
6. Select card amount ($10, $20, $50 or $100) then click [Next] button
7. Enter your credit card details - please note we will never keep your credit card details
8. After a confirmation is received from WorldPay, we will send you a new card number in an email


- Click HERE to contact us for further information or any other enquiries.