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Uses normal telephone network (PSTN Network)
While VOIP calling cards tend to be cheaper, they unfortunately feature relatively low call quality compared to the normal telephone network. As Call4U considers quality to be one of the most important features of our services, we are forwarding calls via normal telephone network. This means we will send calls using our digital phone line (ISDN line) using normal telephone network (PSTN network), a technique relatively unique to the calling card market.


Register your phone number
Register your phone number and stop entering your card number & pin number every time - our system automatically authenticate your card & pin number if you call from registered number.


Set your pin number
Having a single step of authentication may not so secure enough. When you entering provided calling card number at the very first time, our system will ask for you to enter your personal pin number for future use to introduce more security.


Online Credit Card Payment System
You can purchase Call4U Calling Card from our website anytime 24/7 with your credit card. You will be receiving a new card number immediately after completing online payments. We are not going to keep your credit card details, so feel safe to use your credit cards. Any credit card payments will be processed by WorldPay, who are part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the 5th biggest banking group in the world.


Real-time call logs
Login and view all of your call logs. Call4U provides online call logs real time, just login into our website with your ID & password to view your call logs.


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